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Project background:

Retailers constantly rely on manually configuring the layout  of their planograms of their range review for efficient display of the products on supermarkets shelves to maximise space and sales.


Working on a new product that works on both AI as well as human input to allow space Planners to speed up their range review process in order to select the most efficient planograms for their clients.


Key deliverables

  • In-depth discovery work with all stakeholders

  • Assets including personas and journey maps

  • An end-product design based on your research findings

  • functional UI with thoughtful designs for the end user

  • Competitor and desktop analysis

  • Working prototype to present at USA conference as well as POC for major supermarket chain.

UX/UI & Product Design - Space Planning

Space planners who are time-poor,

feel frustrated with a single view mud map,

and need a consolidated viewable format to allow for a faster decision process.

Space planners need the ability to correctly upload data and files, configure their CDT, create their mudmap prior to base planogram generation to then allow for export as store level planograms,

Existing Mudmap design
New Mudmap Product design
Woman Shopping for Groceries

Project Duration

5 months

May 2023 - October 2023


Role: Lead UX/UI Designer 

& Product Designer


CEO & Founder,

Expert Space Planner

Retail Operations Manager


Figma, MIRO,

Adobe Illustrator, JIRA

Google Meet

My role was to refresh the current UX/UI of the software, that ultimately evolved into Product design of a new space planning platform. The first 6 weeks involved heavy research into the space planning industry with competitior analysis, desktop research and daily interviewing of stakeholders to understand the needs of a refreshed UX/UI design leading into a new Product Design.

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Discover & Define

The biggest challenge faced during the research phase was the lack of access to existing space planning/planogram software available. An extensive amount of research involved discovering white papers, case studies from retailers around the world, and twice daily meetings with the domain expert.

With limited access to other domain experts and space planners, an archetype was the best approach to understand the goals and needs of the user.


This product design was a very fluid project, with regular prototype updates and new information provided by the stakeholders on a daily basis.

To start the product design, a workshop was held with stakeholders to understand some key "How Might We" statements and to define our MVP. Stakehodlers were also encouraged to be actively participate in a Crazy 8 session on their thoughts of the look and feel of the product


Prototype and testing was in-depth. Each day presented new challenges with new feature requests from stakeholders on product functionality, look and feel. Stakeholders were impressed with the speed of the product design and how the pages came together. 

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Planogram Edit BIC.png
Tabulation Screen REVIEW GENERAL.png
Tabulation Screen STORE LIST GENERAL.png

Hi-fidelity Prototype

Symbio Deskto.png
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