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UX Professional, UI Design,
Graphic Design, Illustrations
& Leadership Specialist.

In 2020, I started my journey as a freelance designer, working on graphic design, web design, animation, video editing and production, signage and print materials. I've honed my skills with the Adobe creative Suite, while also  up-skilling across other platforms including Figma as I dived into the UX/UI Design world.

I also love to illustrate my passion for cocktails and travel, turning my personal experiences into fine art illustrations!


Prior to my design career,  my experiences covered over 26 years in hospitality, providing me with the wisdom and skills to understand the power of empathy, and its importance in problem-solving. I thrive on communication, connecting with people, understanding their needs and wants, and giving an experience that will enrich, enhance, impress and inspire. Design has always been a part of my work throughout my hospitality career, to ensure the customer experience is one to remember, but always to improve on.

Outside of design, I'm a massive basketball fan, love my football, rugby and F1, and collector of sneakers and caps :)

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